NZ Windows Case Study

Date and Time: Wednesday 8 March, 1pm - 2.30pm



NZWindows has been on their Lean Journey since July 2014, in this time the organisation see some amazing Lean improvements during a period where output has increased by 180%. During this time, Lean has gone from an improvement tool to a way we do business. In the last year, we have learnt from what didn’t go well and now engage our team in Lean and continuous Improvement with everybody, everywhere, everyday. In 2015 we began following the practices from Paul Akers with 2 Second Lean, where we now have everyone doing 3S everyday, all the team knowing the 8 Deadly Wastes and over 600 2 Second Lean videos on YouTube.



Andrew Smith, Lean Facilitator, NZ Windows 

A Kaizen Lean practitioner who was introduced to Lean in 2012 in the Aquatics Environment. Having the opportunity to work in an amazing facility leading the way in Lean with in the Industry. Hosting over 900 delegates on Lean tours through our facility. Since 2014, working in the Manufacturing Industry with Aluminium Windows and Doors. Since 2015 Lean has become a way of living life not only at work but at home as well.

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