7 Million km2 of Change

Date and Time: Tuesday 7 March, 11.30am - 12.00pm



EO Services is contracted to the Department of Defence for the storage, maintenance and distribution of explosive ordnance (EO). The contract is service based and provides support for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) across seventeen sites.
We are a very proud company that realised Lean is not just for failing businesses or business with huge problems on the horizon.
Lean is a way of thinking and tools to help a business achieve outcomes. Understanding those tools and embedding them in the business does take time.
Training is the relatively easy bit. Embedding a change in behaviour is difficult.



EO Services manages a service based contract and provides explosive ordnance (EO) logistic support for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) at seventeen sites across Australia. The business has been high performing but with an expansive business, evolution led to regional cultures & practices with very limited standardisation.
Any training provider can only be expected to understand bespoke businesses so well. We will always know our business better so we must take the tools and apply them as we see fit, with advice regarding best practice. Understanding how the tools will be taught takes time and does not solve everything overnight.
The enablers are dull, Leadership is key to successful change. The older members of the team have most to offer but often have least enthusiasm to be trained. Ability for senior managers to guide, see and feel is vital.
There was a desire to reduce incidents and complicated procedures whilst creating an environment that protects the business from competition, invests in longevity of the contract, impresses the customer, remove unnecessary governance and ensure we understood the business better. We looked at various ways to enable this and LEAN won.



David Thompson, Director Explosive Ordnance Services, Thales Australia

David Thompson is the Director Explosive Ordnance Services and responsible for the storage, distribution, maintenance and delivery of all of the ADFs explosive ordnance nationwide. Supported by a team of almost 400 Thales staff and sub-contractors, David has the overall responsibility for over $6 billion of Defence owned inventory, 14 major hazard facility licences and 17 Defence owned Thales operated sites. He has a passion for safety, team work, continuous improvement and efficient customer service. 

After almost 30 years as a professional soldier in both the British and Australian Army, he now enjoys catching up on lost family time, competing in triathlons, DIY and living in Australia.



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