Bringing the Game Plan to Life          

Date and Time: Tuesday 7 March 3.35pm - 4.05pm



Leisure Services ‘Game Plan’ - Take one amalgamation, 800 staff, 41 facilities, 3 different delivery models, 7 different legacy approaches and cultures, a 12 tiered organisational structure, a disengaged workforce and a $10.8M net operating deficit and you had the Auckland Council’s Pool and Leisure Team in June 2012. Louis will share their experiences of implementing a Leisure specific ‘Game Plan’ which has enabled them to significantly turnaround their culture and performance in 2 years, and how they adopted Continuous Improvement to support the implementation of the Game Plan and create alignment, empowerment and innovation; and foster a sense of purpose and meaning.



You can’t play the game without a game plan and if you don’t have a winning culture inside, it’s hard to compete in the very tough world outside. Creating a sustainable culture of continuous improvement can only be achieved by engaging people at every level in the organisation to work towards common objectives. Embed behaviours that enable a culture of respect and humility which lend to enterprise excellence. Efficiency is about doing things right; effectiveness is about doing the right things. The continuous improvement journey is never a sprint and you have to keep working at it. Practice continuous improvement every day, everywhere with everybody.



Louis Sylvester, Aquatic & Recreation Facilities Manager, Auckland Council  

Louis Sylvester is a Local Government Business Improvement Specialist and is a frequent speaker at industry events and continuous improvement conferences both nationally and internationally. Louis holds experience in both public and private sectors with a solid background as a qualified and highly successful manager, winning National Awards such as the SOLGM GHD Government Excellence Awards (Society of Local Government Managers) for Building Organisational Capability through Lean Thinking. For the past two years he has been assisting Auckland Council Leisure Services in their Continuous Improvement Journey. He is skilled at delivering organisational change in complex organisations and has a strong commitment to high quality performance and creating ultimate value for the customer.

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