About AME Australia

The AME (Australia) is an affiliate of the AME (North America). We are a group of individuals who are eager not only to improve our own knowledge of excellence, but also to share our experiences with other members, both through informal networking and more formal local and international events and conferences.

The AME puts on several regional, national and international events each year; we are practitioner-based, and all our events focus on hands-on learning. The AME (North America) publishes the award-winning Target magazine several times a year, and the AME (Australia) produces a monthly newsletter to keep local members up to date.

Membership of the AME (Australia) is for individuals who are seeking to improve themselves and their colleagues through shared experiences and learning.

The membership of the AME (Australia) operates under the following set of principles:

  • The pursuit of excellence is the single underlying element that unites our members.


  • The principles of continuous improvement are not limited to the manufacturing industry, and individuals from any profession may join the AME.


  • Locally, continuous improvement helps individuals to develop pride in their work, and helps enterprises to become more competitive and successful.


  • Internationally, continuous improvement helps Australian States to become more desirable business locations, and Australian products become more competitive in world markets.


  • The AME is not a forum for the promotion of any individual product or service, and any attempts by members to use the AME for such a purpose are to be disdained.


  • The AME will not promote any commercial product or service except through a transparent sponsorship whose purpose is to increase the AME’s ability to deliver valuable programs in line with its stated principles. 


For more information regarding AME (Australia), visit our website: Click Here

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