Join us to share, learn and grow!

The 2017 Conference will provide you with a transformational experience like no other.  

Held from the 6 to 9 March 2017, in Melbourne, the conference brings together a select group of International and National speakers, who are leaders in their profession, have achieved significant results or have an innovative approach on how they are taking their Lean journey.

An AME Conference provides you with the opportunity to develop new relationships by connecting and learning from and with the best. You will discover practical ways to apply creative ideas to your organisation. Build, recapture and rejuvenate your sense of purpose. Expand the depth and breadth of your knowledge. Sharpen lean skills, intensify your understanding of lean tools and learn how to integrate industry practices into your organisation. Learn about best-in-class practices, compare your experiences to the most successful businesses and make sure your continuous improvement efforts are on target.


The 2017 Conference will include:

4 Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers will help inspire your journey to enterprise excellence.

8 Practitioner Presentations

The great depth and breadth of our presentations means that you will always find something relevant— an idea, a concept or a success story—that you can use. We showcase industry leaders who are articulate advocates for change and will present to you how you can achieve the change you seek! 

2 Best Practice Tours

Visit industry leaders’ facilities so that you can see what really works. We make sure that you get to see “hands-on” tools and skills. 

4 Special Interest Case Study Sessions

We’ve gathered experienced continuous improvement pioneers as facilitators. Hear what others are doing, share and learn best practices, ask questions, dig deeper and network with fellow participants. Take away ideas that you can implement right away!

2 Workshops

In-depth post-conference workshops provide attendees solid, lean, practical thinking.



Theme: Business without barriers. Embrace the change.

The AME Conference will reshape your perceptions about change management, innovation and leadership. Obtain the skills and know-how that the world of today, and into the future, will demand.

There has never been a more important time to focus on change management and innovation. Businesses that innovate and embrace change create more efficient work processes and have better productivity and performance.

Being innovative does not mean inventing; innovation can mean changing your business model and adapting to changes in your environment to deliver better products or services. Successful innovation should be an in-built part of your business strategy and the strategic vision, where you create an environment and lead in innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

Businesses that fail to change and innovate run the risk of losing ground to competitors, losing key staff, or simply operating inefficiently.  Embracing change and innovation, and the opportunities that drive growth, will be key. New thinking is more important than ever in enabling your business to build a smarter future.


Reasons to attend?

A trusted source of Lean knowledge.

AME is a volunteer based not for profit organisation that is a trusted reliable source of enterprise wide lean knowledge.

Practitioner to practitioner learning.

Experienced practitioner-to-practitioner learning. Hear from local and international peers who have successfully put change into action.

Networking around best practice.

Build a social network of like-minded people who are passionate about sharing both their challenges and solutions.

Accelerated lean-learning experience

Participate in value-packed, accelerated learning experience focused on the benefits of applying continuous improvement in your business.

Borrow with pride

Take away proven, practical innovative, process-excellence solutions that you can emulate with pride.



What will you take out of this Event?

Learning from the insights of world-class, highly successful practitioners who have been there and done that, you are provided with a trusted source of knowledge that you can rely on to confidently make the changes needed to accelerate growth. The leaner processes are, and the more engaged people are, the more productive you become and the greater your bottom-line success will be.  Proven and practical experience is guaranteed at the Leading through Excellence and Innovation Conference.  Come along and reap the benefits from a not for profit industry association that is dedicated to continuous improvement and enterprise excellence.


Main Topics

  • Change Management
  • Innovation
  • People-driven Operational Excellence
  • People-centric Leadership 
  • Continuous Improvement 


Want to know more about the AME conference?

Call the AME Office on 1300 263 287, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or download the event flyer here.


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